From Bailey.

Hi I'm @this_war_is_yours on Instagram,
I really love your photography (one of my favourite photographers by far) :o
I was just wondering how you got into music photography? Whether you took any courses or had to start in photographing other things before working up to music? I'm definitely considering music photography as a possible career and I honestly have no idea where to start

Thanks :)


Hi! Thanks for writing. I have actually been working in the music/entertainment industry for over ten years now. Back in 2004 I was working as a freight driver for a company called US Xpress, on one of my off days I was at Warped Tour and ran into a guy that was driving for it and talked to him about the job, got the info for the company called them up and have been driving  entertainment ever since. The photography came later. I've always been creative though. I went to the Art institute of Pittsburgh back in 1999 for graphic design and have done two semesters of it at other schools since. As far as photography goes I have no formal training though my history in art/graphic design has definitely been very helpful with my photography. Thanks for writing I look forward to hearing from more of you and doing more of these in the future!