I'm an aspiring photographer and saw your post on Instagram about question for your blog and would love to ask you 'how did you get started in photography especially music/concert photography?'


Magda (@missspookiness9)


Hi Magda! Thanks for writing. I have been touring with music tours for years. I've always been into art and photography was one of many artforms that interested me. I bought a film SLR years and years ago when I was on an early Fallout Boy tour and had a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately that camera got stolen and it was YEARS before I finally invested in a new camera. I finally bought a Canon T1I 5 or 6 years later right before I went out on Warped Tour and started taking some photos again. I took a few photos here and there for the next year or two. Finally in the summer of 2012 I started getting more serious about photography. I tasked myself with taking one good photo a day over the course of Warped. I succeeded though I don't really like those photos anymore. (except this one. I love this one. Taking Back Sunday is performing, this is at the 2012 Warped Tour in Pomona CA. I have no idea if the photo is going to show though, I'm new to this.) After that summer I went back to school for graphic design. I did one semester at that time and then went back on the road during the coming winter. I did a lot of work with models until the 2013 Warped Tour came around. Then in my free time at work I took a bunch of photos. Eventually people started catching on and my instagram started getting a lot of followers! It was overwhelming. (still is) That's the short version of how I fell into music photography. It's not a job for me yet but if I'm lucky maybe one day!