The Devil Wears Prada Buffalo NY

My friends in The Devil Wears Prada came through town on May 3rd so I headed out and snapped a few pics. Big thanks to Jeremy and the rest of the guys for being so cool. I got a photo signed for a fan while I was there, I like to do nice things for people. (Not that I am going to go getting things signed for everyone, this girl just stands out more than most fans of most bands to me... I'd love to get all the things signed for all the people, there's just too many of you.)

If you haven't caught the tour yet they are playing the whole "Zombie" ep at every date. As much as I dig the Zombie ep my favorite song from The Devil Wears Prada is Mammoth off of Dead Throne. Thankfully they've played it all three times I have caught the Zombie tour. I posted a live video of Mammoth below to go with the photos. No, I didn't take the video... The show in Buffalo here was actually in a WAY smaller venue too, anyway, I'm totally not a writer so I'm going to stop now... I suggest clicking play on the video and spending the next three and a half minutes perusing the photos and pretending you're there.